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Chinoiserie Button-Up

Sale price$140.00 USD

Drawing inspiration from traditional chinoiserie patterns, this button-up shirt is entirely embroidered, featuring intricate motifs of birds, flowers, and plants that echo the delicate beauty of porcelain artistry. Each motif symbolizes the abundance of fortune and vitality, conjuring a serene tableau where every element thrives in perfect harmony, bestowing upon you auspicious symbols and heartfelt wishes. 

Meticulously crafted from sumptuous cotton linen, this shirt is expertly tailored for the approaching spring and summer seasons, ensuring a blend of unparalleled style and comfort. 

Detailed Features

  • 55% Linen / 45% Cotton
  • Blue Scalloped Edges
  • Entirely Embroidered
  • Camp Collar
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons

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