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Welcome to our affiliate program - a community of people 

who are committed to making positive impacts while looking damn good doing it.

Let's make positive impacts,


Join Our Community

Our affiliate program is a diverse community of ambassadors who are passionate about living a creative and impactful lifestyle.

As an ambassador, you will be an extension of Y.T.G. and represent our brand through community engagement and social promotion. Help us promote our products, services, and events and in exchange, get discounted or free items and commission on what people purchase through your posts.

What We're Looking For

1. Creatives

Whether you're an artist, designer, musician, or anything that has to do with being creative, let's work together!

2. Tastemakers

 You are adventurous with your style and you influence people on what is considered to be stylish. Let's collaborate!

3. Community Leaders

You are a leader of a certain community, social, political or simply trying to make the world a better place. We want to learn from you and make a difference together!

What to Expect

1. Exclusive Discounts

As an ambassador, you will receive an exclusive discount code for purchases made at

2. Earn Rewards and Commission

Earn commissions on all orders that come from your posts, unique links, and discount codes. Basically keep doing what you love, but with benefits.

3. Early Previews

Get early access and previews to our products and events.